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Your one stop shop for foam props, themed environments, and 3D signage!

Themed Environments, 3d Signs, Foam Props, Stage Rennovations and many other innovative products that the mind may dream up, can be found here, at Wonder Work Studios! Using a top of the line CNC machine, we can create next to anything. Let us know your vision and we will make it a reality!


(12-9-14) Low Budget Christmas Set for Roper Mountain Holiday Lights! (Greeneville, SC)


The set turned out great and the Children love it! If in the Greeneville, SC area around Christmas time, Go check it out and have your picture made!

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Wonder Work Studios specializes in the design and fabrication of themed environments, stage remodels, props, and signs. Nearly every restaurant, shopping center, theme park or church has a goal of providing their customers with a dynamic environment, a unique ambience, and a fun experience. That is where we come into the picture.

We create themed environments!

By the term “themed environments”, we mean “WOW” spaces that are designed and fabricated to accomplish and boost their intended purpose. Environments that attract, stimulate and capture imagination, whether the intention is to tell stories or generate attendance.  At Wonder Work Studios, experience is the up-most importance! We have over 16 years of theme designing experience, over 9 years of cutting edge graphic designs, and 12 years of animitronics and specialized lighting experience. Whether you need a single prop or need a company to take you from start to finish, we can help.

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Consulting: We can provide services such as planning, site selection, feasibility studies, business plans, operations training, equipment and attractions budgets, equipment selection, special effects direction, lighting effects installation, animation, safety planning and training, and much more.

Design: Our staff of artists, airbrush artists, graphic designers, and CAD designers makes every effort to provide very exclusive and exciting designs for you and your attraction or facility. We use a combination of hand-drawings and computer graphics to develop a design or plan that is not only innovative and attractive, but cost effective as well. At the end of our design process we present you with a complete design plan, from the overall perspective to the smallest detail. Our design team will ensure that your experience with us is an enjoyable and exciting journey.

Fabrication and Production: Once a design has been approved it moves into the fabrication stages where… we actually build it. We use the latest in CNC machines, foam, plastics, wood, steel and many other materials necessary for the fabrication of your attraction. We construct what we can at our facility, and then move to your site for installation and final assembly. We have the ability to build scale models, props specialized controlled lighting, scenery, animatronics, water features, interactive exhibits, and anything else necessary to bring your imagination to life.


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